California Traffic School

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Getting a traffic ticket can be overwhelming and stressful. Don’t worry,we will help you mask that pesky traffic violation and keep your driving record looking squeaky clean. Driving & Traffic School Consultants was one of the first traffic school providers in California. If you are looking for a quick and easy approach to California traffic school, you’ve come to the right place!

Are you eligible?

Generally, you will be eligible if:

  • You have a valid driver license.
  • You got a ticket for a moving violation.
  • You have not taken traffic school in the last 18 months.
  • You have paid all fees.

Once you receive notice of eligibility,you must plead guilty to your violation and choose to enroll in a state licensed traffic school course. This can either be done at the court date listed on your citation, or by notifying the court by phone/mail before that date.

Will my county or court accept Driving & Traffic School Consultants Program?

Our courses are licensed by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. All courts and counties in
California will accept a certificate of completion from our school.

How does California Traffic Violator School work?

Our course consists of 12 lessons and a final exam. The lessons are made up of reading material, videos and interactive exercises. The final exam consists of multiple-choice questions.
We will process your completion to the court electronically after passing the final exam. You will be able to print a Receipt of Completion for your records. Once the court has received and reviewed your completion, They will notify the DMV.
The DMV will then mask(hide) the points on your driving record. No one,including the insurance
companies, will see your ticket.