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When registering for a seminar please check to make sure you do not duplicate a class. Per California Department of Motor Vehicles regulation - the 18 hour continuing education seminars consists of (3) six hour classes with each class having different course material and topics covered. Each participant needs to cover all subjects. When you register for a class you will see topics covered, you can take a class in any order that suits you, as long as you complete all 3 classes.

The CALIFORNIA VEHICLE CODE SECTION 11105, PARAGRAPH 2 OF SUBDIVISION B, STATES: Satisfactory completion of an examination once during each succeeding 3 year period after the initial issuance of a license certificate. Instead of an examination for renewal of the license the Department of Motor Vehicles will accept evidence of Continuing Professional Education. Professional education used in this subdivision means satisfactory completion of courses related to traffic safety, teaching techniques or the teaching of driver education acceptable to the DMV.

Department of Motor Vehicles regulations require RE-TESTING or the COMPLETION OF 18 HOURS CONTINUING EDUCATION EVERY THREE YEARS.

Each of our seminars is 6 hours toward the 18-hour requirement.

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