Traffic School Operators

A traffic violator school (TVS) operator is the person who manages the operations of a traffic violator school. This person may either be the school owner or another person designated by the owner to manage the schools day-to-day operations. All DMV-licensed traffic violator schools are required to have an operator.

The DMV requires original license applicants to successfully complete a professional educational program of not less than eight hours (explaining an operator's responsibilities, current traffic laws, and the regulations governing TVS operation) and pass a written exam. You must renew your license every year. TVS Operators who hold an existent and current operator license may take our 4-hour renewal course.

In order to receive a completion certificate, the DMV requires that participants in this program have 60 minutes to complete a 50-question, multiple-choice exam. Our easy-to-read and entertaining course material will prepare you to pass the open-book final exam on your first try. However, the DMV allows you three attempts to get it right.

You must submit your completion certificate to the DMV with your application for a TVS operator license. We'll send your completion certificate via email once you have successfully completed the course requirements.

For original applicants: After you receive your completion certificate, you must contact your local Occupational Licensing Inspector Office to set up an appointment to take the DMV's operator examination. This is a DMV-administered written exam that is required of all new applicants for a TVS operator license. Don’t stress, the exam covers much of the same material as the final exam for the Traffic School Operator course you are about to take.

Tell me why you are here.

  I would like to obtain an ORIGINAL Traffic Violator School operator’s license.

  I would like to renew my existing Traffic Violator School operator’s license.

What is the process for obtaining a TVS operator license?

The licensing process is outlined in the DMV's TVS Operator Application Checklist (OL 750) (click here). Forms are available from the DMV website (click here) or from local Occupational Licensing Inspector Offices (click here for a list). LiveScan electronic fingerprinting service is offered a many locations across the state (click here for a list).

Welcome to our 4-Hour Traffic Violator School Operator Course.


Welcome to our 8-Hour Traffic Violator School Operator Course.