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If you have decided to become a Traffic Violator School Instructor or if you already have a Traffic Violator School Instructor’s license and need to renew you may take our Continuing Professional Education course.
Our course is broken up into three 6-hour sessions. Each hour is worth one CPE Unit. You must have 18 units, as well as a certificate of completion to forgo taking an exam with the department before becoming a Traffic Violator School Instructor in the state of California.
You must renew your license once every three years.Learn More…

Our Continuing Professional Education course is broken up into three 6-hour long sessions. There is no
final exam. Once you have completed each session, you will be given a certificate of completion for a total of three certificates. Submit these in lieu of the written exam,along with any other required documents to the DMV when applying for your Traffic Violator School Instructor License.

Do you already have your Traffic Violator License?

In lieu of a renewal exam every three years,our course will satisfy the DMV’s renewal requirements.You may take this course if you have taken a previous instructor program within three years of your last TVS Instructor certification.

Required Forms and Applications

Become a Traffic Violator School Instructor

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